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North Lane Green Steps Walking Group Mission Statement

The mission of the North Lane Green steps walking group is to provide a group that through a programme of regular walking events, aims to promote an active life style amongst its membership.  In addition it wishes to provide a social atmosphere where the walkers come together as a circle of friends. 

We want to reach out to the wider community and provide an organisation where those who share our aspirations can easily come along and join in, and through their participation, may readily find new friends and shared experiences. We wish to create an atmosphere that is open and responsive so that all new members receive a friendly welcome both on their first and subsequent participation.

Part of the raison d’ĂȘtre of our society is to foster our members interests in topics allied to the walks such as natural history, photography, graphics, or creative writing. Through either group discussion or by organising special events we seek to advance and foster our members’ interest in these topics. We hope this can most often be achieved by an individual member with specialist knowledge sharing his ideas with the rest of the membership.

As walkers we wish to champion the health advantage of regular exercise, and support the increased use of sustainable transport as an important alternative to just using motor transport for all journeys. We wish for the provision of reasonable pedestrian facilities and the good maintenance of pavements and foot paths in our locality, and would campaign if necessary, for deficiencies in these to be rectified.

We hope that through our programme of sociable activities we can gently nudge people to accept a greener life style without the need for any dogmatic policy, or life style philosophy.

For further information contact our chairman by email at:-   This Address

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