Ann's Garden Pond

When I first moved to my current address, it had such a big garden that I decided to grow vegetables. I grew potatoes, beetroots, carrots, peas etc. Everything grew very well but I had a problem. Frogs!!

Pond scene

There were frogs everywhere. Every time I tried to weed or work on the vegetable plot there were frogs jumping in and out of the vegetables and across my path. This slowed me down quite a lot because the last thing I wanted to do was squash a little frog. That would make him hopping mad.

I thought long and hard about the problem. What they need was somewhere more attractive than the vegetable plot. So I decided to build a couple of small wildlife ponds.

I read about the minimum depth the pond should be and how I should create a ledge all around not only for the plants to sit on but if a hedge hog should accidently fall in he would have a better chance of getting out with the ledge being there. So in the corner of a lawn I sat down and started digging with a plasterer's trowel - dig, dig, dig - phew it was very hard work because after about 6 inches I struck clay, sticky pure clay! Now sat in a hole with the plasterer's trowel, I continued to work for 2 further days - late into the night - dig, dig, dig! Finally with very sore hands I finished.

The next morning, I bought some sand to layer the bottom of the pond, and a neoprene pond liner to make the pond waterproof.

Before adding the all important liner I covered the bottom with some surplus carpet to help the pond liner last longer by stopping the stones from piercing the liner. Then, me and my mum carefully lowered the liner into place; I took my shoes and socks off as advised so that I would not damage the liner. Pond scene It took a while to get the liner in the right position. I laid some drainpipes on the bottom (a hidey hole for the creatures) and also put some mud in the bottom of the pond. Now came the exciting part; filling the pond with water. What a great moment that was.

I put in oxygen plants and water lilies and also plants in pots on the ledge. I built many frog and toad houses under and over the ground. The pond building was a great success and the frogs and toads much preferred the ponds to the vegetable patch. Over 20 years later and the pond is still there- but I think that the newts now outnumber the frogs.

This is my story but it does not end there because it seems that the frog population is slowly disappearing and they need much help. So please visit the Save the frogs website to see if there is anything that you can do to help save our amphibians.

Fox foot prints in snow

Here are two more photos from my garden, the one on the left is taken in the snow showing fox footprints and the other is a photo I took Newt in pond very recently of a snail and a little newt in the pond.

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