Where we are and Places we visit nearby

Click on the buttons below the map to centre the map on the Aldershot locations named

Click anywhere on the map for the Latitude, Longitude and Ordinance Survey grid location of a place of interest to be displayed beneath the buttons. As we have imported live a Google map, normal Google map controls should work as on Google Earth. For example the map may be moved by depressing the right mouse button and sliding the mouse. Additionally clicking on satellite shows the satellite view of the ground which gives more landscape data. Zoom and street view controls are also standard.

North Town Base Canal Aqueduct Rowan Fields Willow Park Manor Park
Aldershot Park Tongham Pool Brickfields Ash Lock Ash Wharf
Lakeside Reserve Military Cemetry Redan Hill Park Municipal Gardens Bus station
North Town Listed Buildings
Herrett's Farmhouse Farm House Eastern Road Yew Tree Cottages Ash Lock Cottage Military Cemetery

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