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State of Pavement Survey

Well maintained paths are an essential requirement to encourage us to take more of our short journeys by foot. What are the footpaths like in your area? Please let us know of any local problems by filling in the form below. We will present you findings to the counties highway department as well sending them to both local and county councillors for comment.

If you would like us to reply please add your name and email address. We won't pass it around, we don't send spam, and only reply to you if we have further information on your feedback This field can be left blank if you prefer to be anonymous.

Add the name of the road, where the problem you are commenting on is to be found, and then Town/postal code to help us locate the spot. ( Click for Google maps of local area ) If required to further identify the location add Further location details . These could be a local area name, election ward, or map reference. We need sufficient detail to be able to visit the spot or accurately report on it.

To indicate the nature of the problems please check the relevant boxes by clicking on them. The topics are litter or dog droppings, weeds and overgrown footpaths, or potholed cracked and uneven surfaces as well as difficulties making a road crossing on foot. Check all those relevant - even all four if necessary

For each topic you check, a text box will open where you can report details of the problem. Please use plain text only for your feedback as links to other web sites and non-text characters are removed automatically.

When finished click the submit button to send us the completed form.


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